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We love our merchants and we love supporting local business! We enjoy seeing how our merchants are all so involved in their communities. We may be a Kansas payment processor, but we work with companies across the US. Our local merchants are active in Kansas, and our other merchants are active in their communities as well. We try to support our merchant’s efforts by helping support them and their communities.

We work with a diverse group of companies and industries and have been able to find the right solutions for them. Think of Acumen Connections as your business partner. We are here to help you succeed. We focus on putting our merchants first by highlighting what makes them unique. We love sharing stories that showcase their business and encourage others to check them out and try their products!

These highlight videos are just part of our efforts to support our customers. We do more than just merchant shout outs though. We also provide resources on how you and your community can help support local business. Previously, we made shareable infographics about how communities can help support their favorite businesses. Check our social media to see how else we support local businesses.

We are so fortunate to work with so many incredible businesses and organizations. It is inspiring to see all of the amazing work they do for their communities. Our merchants have great products, fantastic service, and friendly teams. They have loyal customers too. Check out our highlight videos below so that you can learn more about our incredible merchants. Who knows? You might find your new favorite business!

Derby Public Library

The Derby Public Library is a merchant of Acumen Connections and today we wanted to recognize them for some of the things they are doing in the Derby community.

Advanced Phsyical Therapy

Butler Community College

Stroot Lockers

Moore Flowers

Rolling Hills Country Club

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