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Your business is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of terminals. From traditional countertop dual communication terminals, to mobile swipers for transactions on-the-go, we have options to meet your needs and budget. Unsure which is right for you? We can offer suggestions based on information on how your business is consistently taking payments. Additionally, we provide technical support throughout the lifetime of your terminal to keep your investment up to date and functioning properly. Whether you’re an existing Acumen Connections customer or just learning more, speak with a sales representative about our terminal options, today!

Name Features Purchase Price Rental Price / Per Month
BBPOS Chipper 2X BT Accepts both swipe transactions and EMV chip transactions. Outlet powered. Mobile. Best solution if you have a
gateway terminal, but would like to take payments in person or if you’re collecting payments on-the-go.
$134 $20
Tetra 3500 Dual communication through both ethernet and dial connections. Accepts EMV chip transactions. Accepts all
contactless payments like Apple Pay, etc. Standard countertop terminal. Requires a wired connection.
Best solution if you’re taking payments at a register and the terminal stays in one spot.
$240 $50
Tetra 5000 Wifi Tri communication through WIFI, ethernet and dial connections. Accepts EMV chip transactions. Accepts all
contactless payments like Apple Pay, etc. Standard countertop terminal with wifi access. Does not require a wired
connection. Best solution if you need to take payments in more than one location without a wired connection.
$440 $80
Tetra iPP315 PIN pad Encrypted pin pad for pin debit transactions. Compatible with both Tetra 3500 & Tetra 5000. Best solution if you have
a high volume of debit transactions and want to reduce the cost with a pin debit solution.
$190 $20
PAX A920 WIFI connection only. Smart terminal. 5” backlit touchscreen. Accepts EMV transactions. Accepts all contactless
payments like Apple Pay, etc. Can download Android-capable apps to terminal. Pinpad for debit transactions within
the terminal. Compatible with Swipe Simple POS subscription to track transactions from the device and online. Best
solution if you’re looking for a progressive transaction solution that allows customers to faciliate payments
themselves along with standard countertop terminal features
$490 $80
PAX A920 Docking Station (Charging Only) Charging station for PAX A920. $160 $10
Swipe Simple Subscription POS application that can be used online or in an app supported smart terminal to track transactions. Individual
subscription required for each $15/month smart terminal.
$15 /month


Enabling merchants to accept payments anywhere; SwipeSimple includes access to the Merchant Web Dashboard, which you can use to accept payments in the Virtual Terminal, access reports, and analytics.
The SwipeSimple Mobile App for iOS and Android combines an easy-to-use interface with advanced features that streamline your business, delivering the end-to-end payment experience your business needs with EMV Quick Chip, contactless, and magnetic stripe card readers.

  • Easy-to-use technology to accept EMV Quick Chip, contactless, or magnetic stripe payments

  • Securely store customer information and cards on file

  • Syncs transactions, Item Catalog, custom discounts, and more instantly in the cloud



Get your business online with our online gateway solutions. Invoicing, online checkout, virtual terminals, scheduling recurring payments and more can be done with an Acumen Connections Gateway. Have an online presence already? No problem. Our payment gateway can integrate with Quickbooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, and hundreds more. Keep the software that you love and enjoy the savings of Acumen rates by switching to an Acumen payment gateway, today. Already an Acumen customer? Add a gateway option to your existing account to give your customers more ways to make a payment & keep revenue rolling in 24/7.


  • QuickBooks

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Aloha

  • ShopKeep

  • and 100+ more

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