Countertop — Payment Terminals

Acumen Connections offers payment solutions for any business environment. Whether you have a retail location, or you accept payments through the internet, mail, or phone, Acumen Connections has a solution for you. We can make your transactions easy and secure. One solution we offer is countertop credit card terminals or credit card machines. These devices make for some of the best credit card terminals.

When you think of a traditional store, what is your first thought? A counter of course! Customers find and select the products or service they want, first. Then they approach the front desk or counter to make their purchase. We are all familiar with this shopping experience. When you have a shop layout like this, it just makes sense. Customers know to approach the counter for payment. We see this at retail stores, auto repair shops, doctor offices, casual restaurants, and more. Keeping your credit card machine at your counter or front desk makes the shopping process easy for the customer.

It is not just traditional stores that use countertop credit card machines. Businesses without a brick-and-mortar store also use credit card terminals. Many offices accept credit card payments though the phone, mail, or internet. These businesses can use a manual credit card machine. It allows them to enter the card numbers for the transaction. A countertop credit card machine would work for these companies, especially if they have one person in charge of sales.

We have a variety of different countertop credit card terminals with different features. One of the best benefits is that by having your credit card machine stay in one location, you do not have to worry about losing it. Since it is plugged into the wall, it will not mysteriously get misplaced. You do not have to worry about it running out of charge either. We can help find the best credit card machine for your small business.


Many stable merchants would benefit from a secure credit card terminal. Our products can meet any processing needs. Here are a few common situations where a countertop credit card terminal would come in handy.

Traditional retail stores and supermarkets could keep a credit card terminal at their front counter. Traditional retail stores do not just include clothes. It also includes stores like auto part stores, craft stores, and more.

Both fine dining restaurants and quick serve restaurants use credit card readers. Some restaurants have a counter where customers pay before receiving their meals. Other restaurants take the customer’s card to their counter to ring up the food. In both examples, these restaurants use countertop credit card machines.

Before you check into a hotel or motel, they will use a credit card reader to insure payment. They will charge your card at the end of your trip when you check out. You might not see them, but government agencies, schools, and universities all use countertop credit card machines too. You might have to go to their office or call to make a payment over the phone. It is the same with any company you call to make a payment. They may not have a traditional front desk, but they still use countertop credit card terminals.

We see these terminals used in many industries such as petroleum companies, utility providers, and more. Millions of stores use countertop credit card machines. They tend to be one of the most popular credit card terminals. Many of these devices accept different types of credit card payments. They may accept chip, swipe, or even contactless payments.

An Acumen Connections representative can help you decide the best solution for your business. Call or email us today. We can help you learn more about our products and how they can help your business.

If your sales team is mobile, you might want to consider a wireless credit card machine instead.


  • Traditional and non-Traditional Retail, Supermarkets
  • Restaurants from Fine Dining to Quick Serve
  • Lodging Hotels and Motels
  • Petroleum
  • Government Agencies
  • Restaurant from Fine Dining to Quick Serve
  • Utility
  • Schools/Universities

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