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Wireless Payment — Terminals

Wireless payment terminals are helping to expand electronic payments. It allows payments to be made in areas lacking the necessary infrastructure for wired transactions. Wireless credit card machines can open new payment options for merchants. Instead of being restricted by cords and cash, merchants can process transactions in most locations. Merchants can use wireless credit card machines to process debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards. They can do this from almost anywhere (subject to network connectivity).

Wireless terminals are incredibly convenient and easy to use. We have mobile devices that can just plug directly into your phone. They work with both Apple devices and Android devices. These mobile terminals allow you to take payments, even on the go. No longer do you have to make customers come to your store to make a purchase. Now you can go directly to the customer to make a sale. Making the sales process easy for customers can boost sales. Along with the mobile devices, we also have portable devices that just need to connect to secure Wi-Fi. These do restrict your mobility somewhat since they need Wi-Fi. However, they are still very portable around your store.

You might be wondering why a countertop terminal would not just work instead. Countertop terminals are great for many stores, but not all. Our on-the-go merchants rely on wireless terminals that are just as mobile as their team is. They need a credit card reader that can travel with them.

Do not worry about power. These mobile devices usually have the same features as the countertop ones. Some have chip readers, and some can accept contactless payment options.


For mobile merchants we offer reliable and secure terminals. Our terminals can meet any processing need. Here are a few common situations when wireless credit card machines could help.

A wireless terminal would be helpful at a large flower shop or plant nursery. Using Wi-Fi to ring the customer up at the plant they picked is easier than asking the customer to walk all the way back to the office to pay. It also helps ensure that you are both talking about the same plant.

If you want your stadium vendors to be able to sell products, they will need wireless terminals. Without a wireless terminal, they will be limited on making sales. They will either be forced to accept cash or walk away with the customer’s card. Both of these situations can really cut down on sales. Providing your vendors with portable credit card terminals allow them to make a sale then and there.

Do you travel to make sales? With a wireless terminal, you can make sales while on the road. You could find new customers at trade shows, conventions, or a farmer’s market. With all of these, the mobile device would probably be best, especially if you are somewhere that does not easily have access to electricity. Since the mobile devices connect to your phone, they do not need to be plugged into an outlet.

Are you hosting a charity event? Having a mobile credit card machine can help with large donations. Some guests will prefer to pay with card over cash or check. A mobile credit card machine would allow you to host the event off-site. It would also allow you to mix and mingle with the guests.

Wireless credit card machines are also a solution for delivery services, transportation services, and off-site service-based providers like plumbers or electricians.

We have wireless credit card machines for rent and purchase. They are super convenient, and you can use them almost anywhere that has a connection.


  • Trade Show and Convention
  • Taxi, Lemousine, and Delivery
  • Service Merchants including Plumbers, Electricians, and Contractors
  • Non-profit Fundraising

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