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Whether you’re a new business looking for a processor or an established business that needs a loan to fund a store remodel. Acumen Connections Inc. is here to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed. With twenty years of experience, we know a thing or two about business.

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Very reliable.

Linda Parmiter-Jacob

It is a huge relief to know that my transactions are being handled accurately.

Tammy Kruse

"Very helpful and easy to work with."

Marc Bunting

"They were always there for me when I called and be ready to help me. Good company to have on my side."

Lien Quan

"They've been very competitive on rates -- but above that, their customer service has been stellar."

Be Amazed Carpet Cleaning & Services

"I couldn't be more pleased with your services. I have recommended you to several businesses."

Roger Bennett

"Great folks to deal with. Competitive pricing and good customer service."

Carol T. Smith

"The help desk is very helpful when I have questions!"

Betty Washington

"Always friendly and helpful. Great at explaining things so I understand."

Laura L. Weldon

"I get calls almost daily about switching my processing to some other outfit. I'm not going anywhere!"

Dirk Sanders—DPG Off-Road

We make things happen.

Apply for a loan and let us fund your next venture.

Dedicated to providing solutions for businesses of all sizes across the United States.

Customer service is at the heart of Acumen Connections Inc, which sets us apart from our competitors. Your business is the core of our business and our organization constantly strives to provide the best service and support possible.

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Payment Processing Services

Payment Processing

In today’s competitive business environment it is vital that you offer your customers the convenience of multiple payment options.

e-Commerce Processing


Whether your customers are on the other side of town or the other side of the globe, the need for flexible, fast, yet safe payment options is universal.

Mobile Commerce Processing Kansas, USA

Mobile Commerce

If you are looking to process payments wherever you are, then we have a mobile solution for you.

Check Processing Kansas, USA

Check Processing

Check processing is a long-standing and important component of payment options for businesses.

Additional Services

Acumen offers a variety of Gift Card or Stored Value Programs designed to benefit your organization.