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Having A High-Ticket Item Flagged Sucks, But It Can Save Your Business In The Long-Run

That High-Ticket Flag Could Save You From Getting Charged Back Thousands of Dollars Your bank calls to tell you that your card was just used to make a payment for $2,000 in a faraway state. They thought the payment seemed rather suspicious and wanted to call you to check. You clarify that you are currently

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Find Out How a Free Statement Evaluation Can Help Your Business Cut Costs Every Month

Understanding Your Payment Processing Provider’s Monthly Statement Let’s face it, payment processing statements can be difficult to understand. There is a lot of jargon, terms, and acronyms used that most people have trouble understanding. We have over 22 years of experience in the payment processing industry, and in that time, we have seen it all.

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How Signage and Billboards Can Give Your Sales a Boost

How to Make a Marquee Sign Work for You There are lots of benefits to local advertising. Some of these benefits include getting seen by hundreds of local customers, having a flexible run time, improving brand recognition, and more. With all the pros of having local signage and advertising, it only makes sense to start.


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Payment Processing Services

Payment Processing

In today’s competitive business environment it is vital that you offer your customers the convenience of multiple payment options.

e-Commerce Processing


Whether your customers are on the other side of town or the other side of the globe, the need for flexible, fast, yet safe payment options is universal.

Mobile Commerce Processing Kansas, USA

Mobile Commerce

If you are looking to process payments wherever you are, then we have a mobile solution for you.

Check Processing Kansas, USA

Check Processing

Check processing is a long-standing and important component of payment options for businesses.

Additional Services

Acumen offers a variety of Gift Card or Stored Value Programs designed to benefit your organization.