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Hiring a Balanced Team | Acumen Connections

Diverse views can provide insight to your growing business.

By nature, humans enjoy conversation; having different viewpoints allows for interesting communication and the sharing of ideas. Creating an environment that allows the sharing of ideas is important for any company that wants to grow. Ultimately, you want a team that is just similar enough to work together, but different enough to foster new views.

Hiring a diverse team allows the views of many to help shape your company and avoid homogeneous thinking. When coworkers are different, it means they each have separate ideas, unique experiences, identify different opportunities, and have specific ways of thinking and problem solving. A team with differences may not always see eye-to-eye; but ultimately, it builds a strong foundation that is imperative for the success of your company.
When hiring, you will want to consider different dimensions that are essential to any organization:

Levels of Experience

An industrious candidate with numerous years of experience may already understand their role and be an expert on laws and logistics. Nonetheless, they may not be open to training, and may already have their own methods in place that they are unwilling to change. Alternatively, a candidate with little experience may need a considerable amount of training; but they may possess new suggestions for the role, as well as an air of excitement and wonder that positively influences the rest of the team.
Your dream team comprises of coworkers that are experienced in fields you are puzzled by. Perhaps you can easily comprehend finances and logistics, but sales and marketing lose you. In this example, it may be a wise decision to employ an expert in the latter. As your enterprise grows, and you find that you require assistance in a field you are already and expert in, it may be a terrific idea to hire someone that is a novice in your field. You can easily train them to relieve you of some of the administrative responsibilities of your role.
Unsure if your next hire should be an expert or novice? Read 4 Corner Resources’ article debating the pros and cons of hiring experienced vs inexperienced employees.

Intuition or Logic

As great as it is to have an employee exclaim, “I think the company should expand their line of products!” based solely on intuition, it is even better to have another team member that is able to support the claim with proven data. Intuition can occasionally identify exceptional opportunities, but logic can both help support those assertions, as well as sell the idea to others who may require ROI and analytics. Having both intuition and logic is key for any team.
Your ideal team consists of a few people that make decisions based on intuition and a few that make decisions from calculated logic. Examine your own way of making choices: do you generally follow your instinct or your research? Your first hire should choose the opposite.

Level of Autonomy

We require individuals that can work autonomously and independently, without assistance from coworkers, or without requiring constant management. It would be inefficient for a supervisor to spend their precious time constantly checking on their team. We also require individuals that can work well together and require the help and influence of others. Collaboration is incredibly important in any work place. Employees should be moderately social. Hiring people that understand the importance of collectivism could create a synergistic work environment and may even increase company morale.
Traditionally, high autonomy is associated with higher job performance as well as happier employees, thus resulting in lower employee turnover. Forbes challenges that assertion with their article 7 reasons why micromanagers are good for teams and companies. Your initial hires should have high levels of autonomy and self-governance. You require people that are able to make decisions for the company and act as a director of their department later down the road. Once the company starts growing, then you can consider hiring for positions that require a little less autonomy.

Extroverts or Introverts

When selecting your next employee, you will want to select someone that shines in the spotlight. Equally important, you will need individuals that want to support them from behind the scenes. Hiring extroverts can increase amicability on the team if everyone feels welcomed to socialize freely. Hiring introverts can help balance the team by encouraging others to focus on work, instead. Along with hiring extroverts and introverts, you will also want to ensure you have members that can talk and share their ideas, as well as members that can listen to others respectfully.
Your ideal team has a variety of both. Although it is not a concrete rule, most introverts and extroverts frequently have separate skills and manners of thinking. Introverts are commonly known to be self-regulating planners, have a good memory, and have strong problem solving and motor control skills. Customarily, extroverts are known to be more risk-taking. They are also generally known to understand, process, and apply new information quickly. Because of their differences, different management approaches may be required. Please review Undercover Recruiter for more information regarding how to manage introverts and extroverts.

Big Picture Thinking or Detail Oriented

It is advantageous to have an organization that focuses on the big picture. If your team can see the necessary path, then they can establish a strategy to lead the company up that path. Big picture thinkers tend to be goal-oriented and can really expand your business. You will also need people that focus on the small details in order to identify and correct mistakes prior to their occurrence.
Your dream team would be an employee with grandiose visions for the next sales strategy collaborating with another team member that can proofread the copy. This is another field that if you’re aware you prefer to focus on the big picture, it would be a sensible decision to hire someone more adept at focusing on minute details.

One employee should be the counterpart of another; one’s weakness should match another’s strength, thus creating balance. When you hire a diverse group, it allows them to collaborate and provide support as necessary. The team can more efficiently identify weaknesses and threats, as well as opportunities and strengths. A diversified team will have vast experience in many areas that can help your business in the long run.
When hiring a candidate, you must ensure they will be a good fit for the team and company culture. Employee retention is incredibly important for any company. When it pertains to retention of staff, often it is not the work that matters to the employee, but rather, the coworkers they interact with. If there is hostility on the team, it may encourage them to seek opportunities elsewhere. Having diversity is imperative for growth, but it is important to have a team that gets along, too.
A dedicated and diverse team can help your home business develop into a thriving company.
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