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Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses: Free Resources

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Let’s take a look at our Black Friday ideas for small businesses

Tis the season to go shopping! Black Friday is arguably the biggest sale for businesses and consumers across the country. We aim to provide Black Friday ideas for small businesses to gear up for the event.

Are you ready for the greatest shopping season of the year? As a small business, you’re constantly trying to bring unique value for your customers and community. Black Friday weekend is yet another opportunity for you to shine. There are a few ways to help boost your sales this year and we’re here to provide the tools.

As a small business, you have the opportunity to participate in all three shopping holidays on Black Friday weekend.

  • Black Friday is for any retailer that has great sales
  • Small Business Saturday is for any small or local business that’s offering sales that weekend
  • Do you have an online presence? You can even participate in Cyber Monday, where customers will be shopping online to find the best deals

First things first, we suggest creating a build-up before the actual weekend. This is done by employing a few creative tactics.

Small businesses often have limited time to spend on creating marketing and promotional materials. So, our talented team has put together a few Black Friday small business resources. You can obtain these resources for free!

We have a few free resources for your business for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. These images are free for commercial use. You don’t have to give us credit. But if you do use them, we ask that you please follow us on social media. There, we’ll provide you with more small business resources.

We have a few static images, as well as a few customizable images. You don’t need a master’s degree in design for these. All you need is a free Canva account, and you can use and modify the customizable designs to your liking. Just add your logo and change the number or image to reflect your Black Friday weekend sale. It’s easy!

Free email designs

First on our list of Black Friday Ideas for small businesses, is email. If you have a mailing list of customers, we recommend sending them emails informing them of the mega sale at your store well in advance.

Email Marketing is consistently employed by businesses to keep their customers informed. In addition, they also send out coupons for discounts. Our email templates are free to download. A few can even be customized to add your business name and other details.

Black Friday emails

Brown paper pulled back to reveal Black Friday text. Black and white text on black background says

Small Business Saturday emails

Illustration of cashier at checkout counter. Dark blue text on light blue background says Black text on cream background says

Cyber Monday free resources and templates for email

3D text says White neon text says

Customizable templates for email and social media:

White text on black background says White space for editable promotional image of choice. It sits on top of green background. White text says Image of woman with shopping bags. Orange text says Neon purple text says Neon pink text says


Black Friday posters and more

Visual representations can have a significant impact on people. We’re more likely to remember something we see in bold imagery and text.

Posters are all about attention grabbing colors and a hard-to-forget message. They’re perfect for store-traffic customers.

Combining what we believe are the ingredients for a phenomenal poster, put together a few for your small business. They’re free to download and can be used to promote Black Friday Sale at your business. Just print them out and place them in your store window.

Black Friday posters

Black text on neon yellow background says White text on red background says

Small Business Saturday posters

Image of yellow and blue storefront. Green text surrounding store says Image of yellow and purple storefront. Purple text surrounding store says Image of pink and teal storefront. Pink text surrounding store says

Cyber Monday posters and customizable posters

Yellow text on purple background says White rectangle stands out on top of pink, blue and polka dot background. Blue and pink text in the foreground say Neon pink text on black background says Neon orange poster with black text says Green and brown background showcase an image of food served on a plate, and an image of a stack of shirts on display in a store. White text in the foreground says


Social media posts and images

Definitely one of the most potent agents of marketing, social media creates a place for itself in our personal and professional lives. For businesses, it has emerged as a powerful tool to promote products and services along with building relationships.

Check out our social media marketing tips to boost your business.

We have a few templates that you can download for free and customize to your liking. These can be posted across all your social media platforms for maximum reach.

Black Friday templates for social media

Small Business Saturday templates for social media

Cyber Monday templates for social media

Customizable templates for social media

White text on black background says White space for editable promotional image of choice. It sits on top of green background. White text says Image of woman with shopping bags. Orange text says Neon purple text says Neon pink text says


Free sales flyer templates

Looking for a sales flyer template to kick-start the season? Well, look no further. Our quality templates are free for all businesses to download, customize, and use. Whenever your business is holding a sale, you need to use flyers to promote it.

November is the month of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. You need to get your hands on a sales flyer template that can be customized to your preferences. Businesses can use sales flyer templates whenever they’re having a sale and wish to promote it. Print and hang them up, or hand them out around your neighborhood. Flyers can be mailed to people or sent via email. You can even use them to promote the sale on your website and social media. They can be used as physical signs or played across digital display signs. They’re relatively print-friendly.

Black Friday sales flyer templates

Black text on purple background says Black text on peach background says Teal and pink winter imagery surrounds gray text on a white background. Gray text says

Small Business Saturday sales flyer templates

Black text on white background says Pink, orange, and green image surround text of the same colors. All of it is against a white background. The text says

Cyber Monday sales flyer template

White text on blue rectangle background says

Customizable sales flyer templates

Polaroid photo of couch on white background. Hand-written text over the image says Image of a rack of shirts in the center. to the top left, text says Chocolate store customizable Cyber Monday flyer. White text on dark background says


Black Friday ideas for small businesses

As a small business, you don’t have time to create marketing and promotional materials. A business has so many different functions and small businesses are remarkable at accomplishing them. There is sales, HR and payroll, inventory, customer service, and more that go into managing a business.

We hope our free resources were able to provide you with some relief this Black Friday season.

There are so many ways you can boost your sales this season by using our free small business resources. We have a few inexpensive marketing strategies here. Who knows? They may even act as inspiration for a few more Black Friday ideas for your small business. Take a look.

Let’s get this season started!

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